in our pursuit of sustainability, we use recyclable materials to raise awareness about their potential for repurposing and reducing environmental impact. Our first collections showcased 100% recycled acrylic, challenging conventional norms, while our latest collection introduced beads made from recycled glass. We prioritize research and include materials causing waste, promoting proper sorting for repurposing and preventing pollution. By implementing responsible waste management, we can minimize energy usage and environmental damage, ensuring no waste is left in nature or landfills.

about the materials


“Green Cast®, cast acrylic sheets produced 100% with recycled raw materials (R-MMA).

PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate), is a durable, noble plastic, well known for its transparency and ease of processing, for the multiple colours and finishes, for its resistance. But most importantly PMMA can be recycled, countless times, without ever losing all its important peculiarities. 

PMMA can be recycled back to its original raw material, the organic solvent methyl methacrylate monomer, without the end product (cast acrylic sheets) losing its optical, mechanical and thermal properties.”

925 Sterling Silver

sterling silver: 92.5% pure silver, fortified with other metals to enhance durability and uniqueness. The addition of other metals increases its hardness, making it suitable and durable for jewelry. Our sterling silver is nickel-free, ensuring hypoallergenic properties for sensitive skin. We prioritize quality by collaborating with certified suppliers who use recycled materials. 85% of our silver components come from certified recycled sources, promoting eco-conscious choices.


immerse yourself in the legacy of recycled glass, a timeless material with a rich history of reuse. Embracing sustainability, it minimizes environmental impact through recycling, reducing waste. Its hypoallergenic nature makes it ideal for sensitive skin, ensuring comfort and beauty. Easy to clean and maintain, glass beads retain their luster, providing lasting elegance and eco-conscious appeal.

other metals

we are committed to using pure sterling silver in the majority of our jewelry pieces. However, we also offer a selection of designs that incorporate brass as a base material. By utilizing brass, we can provide a wider range of styles at a more affordable price point. Rest assured, we work with suppliers who prioritize certified recycled brass, ensuring that our commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship extends to these pieces as well.

  • we design

    to bring our creative vision to life, each collection begins with a purpose and meaningful concept. To materialise it we pass through several steps such as, research, inspiration, idea generation, hand sketching, digital illustrations and design, photoshop and Illustrator, colour testing, 3D modelling, etc.

  • we prototype

    ensuring the functionality and durability of our products is of utmost importance. We dedicate ample time to prototyping, carefully evaluating factors like size, proportion, weight, balance, and fitting. This involves a thorough testing phase, where we personally wear and assess the pieces to guarantee quality.

  • we assemble

    based in Copenhagen, we personally handle the laser cutting of all our acrylic pieces, ensuring precise finishes and minimizing production waste. We love handcrafting our creations, taking care and control of every detail of our designs.

  • we create content

    our passion for photography makes this part of the process incredibly enjoyable. As our own photographers, videographers, and editors, we have the freedom to capture our fashion editorials in our unique vision. We love collaborating with talented and high-energy individuals who share our creative enthusiasm.

  • we ship

    every order we receive brings us joy, and we take pleasure in packaging up a newly assembled piece of jewelry. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our eco-friendly packaging, designed to minimize waste after use.

  • we promote

    as a small business, we rely on social media to promote our products and connect with our customers. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, where we share our journey and advocate for sustainability. Join us in pushing the sustainability agenda forward and be a part of our community.


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