follow these care instructions to ensure your jewelry stays beautiful and lasts for many years to come.

  • store your jewelry in the original box or a soft, lined pouch to prevent scratching and tangling.

  • use the provided microfiber cloth to gently clean your jewelry and restore its shine.

  • avoid wearing your jewelry when showering, sleeping, exercising, or swimming to prevent damage or loss.

  • protect your jewelry from chemicals found in everyday products like hairspray, perfume, lotion, and cosmetics. Remove your jewelry before applying these products.

  • keep your jewelry away from rough surfaces that can cause scratches or damage.

  • avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme temperatures and prolonged direct sunlight, as it can affect the quality and color of the materials.

  • Please handle your glass bead jewelry with care. To avoid breakage, we recommend refraining from engaging in activities with vigorous movements, such as jumping or intense exercising, while wearing the jewelry. Glass beads are delicate, and impact with hard surfaces may lead to breakage. Treat your glass bead jewelry with gentle care to ensure its longevity and beauty.
  • acrylic care

    proper care is essential to maintain the beauty of your acrylic jewelry. When cleaning, avoid strong detergents and opt for a mild soap and warm water or a gentle antiseptic solution. After washing, use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry the acrylic and prevent water stains. Remember, acrylic jewelry should not be placed in an autoclave. By following these steps, you can ensure your acrylic pieces stay stunning for years to come.

  • metal care

    using a soft, lint-free cloth is recommended for maintaining the shine of your silver jewelry. Avoid using tissue paper or paper towels, as they can potentially scratch the metal surface. Regularly cleaning your metal components with a gentle cloth will help preserve their luster and keep them looking their best.

  • glass care

    to care for your glass bead jewelry, gently clean each bead with a soft cloth dipped in a mild washing up liquid solution. Wipe away the detergent solution with another cloth dipped in clear water, and finally, dry them with a soft absorbent cloth.

    note: When cleaning strung beads, pay attention to the thread or cable, as any remaining moisture can lead to thread deterioration or staining of the bead holes.